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We offer so many different ways to help girls and boys become responsible and caring citizens with
leadership skills including job-shadowing opportunities, raising parental awareness, and our mentorship program.


The mentorship program that we offer at Afri-Female Institute Inc was created to inspire and motivate our teens. We take great effort to link our at-risk youth with professionals and other community leaders to develop supportive, one-on-one and group mentoring relationships. Our mentors do whatever they can to instill the values of positive self-esteem and self-control.



A lot these kids are at high risk for involvement, or already involved, in delinquency and gang activity. The mentors strive to direct the teens toward positive alternatives and teach them about violence prevention. Some of the ways that they do this is through awareness seminars and workshops. 


At Afri-Female Institute Inc, we believe the each young person is special with unique strengths and talents. And usually, all it takes is forming nurturing, trusting relationships in order to bring out these strengths and talents. We feel that through the personal one-on-one relationships that are formed through the mentorship program that they will improve their skills, self esteem and the ability to pursue safe, healthy and happier lives. 


Teens are provided opportunities to develop their leadership skills including a mentorship program to inspire and motivate. What separates Afri-Female Institute Inc from most other places that help at-risk youth, is that our mentoring program gives one-on-one attention to each teen, and each team or group is specifically selected and matched with a community leader or professional. The result is fostering the growth and development of these young people, helping them to grow into proud, self confident and self respecting young men and women.

The teens are provided with opportunities in planning, decision-making and job shadowing, as well as resume writing and information on job interview skills. For over 15 years, Afri-Female Institute Inc has been helping the lives of at-risk youth, and there’s nothing that would make us happier than to not need to be around in the future.

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