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Afri-Female Institute Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) located in Magnolia, Delaware and serving all the teenage youth in our community that need help. Originally established in 1998 to directly and immediately address the long range needs of at risk youth and their families, we have now grown to two locations in Burlington County, New Jersey and Kent County, DE. Fifteen years ago, Afri-Female Institute Inc. recognized that an increasing number of girls were not being adequately served by any other agency, so we stepped in to help, and now we’re here to serve both boys and girls. 


We believe 100% that every young person is special with unique strengths and talents, and through nurturing trusting relationships as well as involvement in different activities, their lives will improve on so many levels.


The main focus at Afri-Female Institute Inc. is to help boys and girls to ultimately become responsible and caring citizens. One way to do this is by developing leadership skills. The Afri-Female Institute Inc. teens are given opportunities for planning, decision making, and mentoring programs that will link them with professionals and other community leaders to develop relationships, improve self-esteem and pursue safe, healthy and happy lives. There are so many important skills, topics and characteristics that we help the teens develop including time management, leadership, and self-etiquette. 


There are so many negative influences in the lives of teens that when a program comes along that is a positive influence, it’s definitely a piece of good news. Introducing Afri-Female Institute Inc., a non-profit 501(c) (3) agency that was established in 1998 to directly address the immediate and long range needs of at-risk teens. 


As well as their entire families. What began as a response to an increasing number of teen girls that were not able to get what they needed from any other agency, is now two locations strong – one in Burlington County, New Jersey and one in Kent County, Delaware. Our goal is to help girls and boys become responsible and caring citizens. 


With the help of the community, parents and professionals, this is an attainable goal that we’ve already seen achieved by many of the young people that have passed through our program.

Through forming nurturing, trusting relationships, and involving them in meaningful, personal and community activities, they will improve their skills, self-esteem and the ability to pursue safe, healthy, happy lives.

We Need Your Support Today!

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